Hi, I am Sowm Bhardwaj. Thanks for stopping by!

I am an IT Nerd at work and a die-hard creative at heart.

I live a somewhat interesting, conflicting life since my left and right brains are constantly interrupting each other. But this also gives me an edge over the masses as I cook up dreamy, innovative ideas, but can also then analytically break them down into logical steps to see completion. That pretty much explains my unconventional work style.

Professionally, my superpower is that I get shit done.

I love experiencing novelty and am always looking for my ‘next project’ to work on. I am a multipotentialite, probably born in the wrong era. There is always at least one side-project in progress, usually as a creative outlet for my curious right-brain.

I am an introvert, but you’d never guess it if you met me. That’s because I absolutely love people! Their stories, their thoughts, their passions… all of it.

I also love books, animals, ocean, walks in the wilderness and traveling, among other things.

My website is essentially a one-woman show where I share with you things that I care about – opinions, information, insights, and experiences.

The core philosophy behind this work is that together we take a moment to observe the world around us, get inspired by it and make an effort to be at least slightly better than what we were yesterday.

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