Preparation Is Extremely Underrated


Probably the most overlooked aspect covered in the success stories being published these days. These stories, only speak of the post-success events and activities – How did it happen, how do you manage it now, what are some best practices, what’s your advice to people, what’s your morning routine etc. etc. etc.

No one talks about the morning routine before the success – you know why? Because it’s not pretty, or Zen, or can’t be summarized in five bullet points.

That bothers me!

These stories make us start comparing our backstage to others’ onstage.

Let’s talk about the hustle. The all-nighters we pulled to prepare. The 6 pm showers since we started working as soon as we woke up and didn’t get a chance to take a break. The pizza dinners when there was no time to cook.

THAT is what we need to talk about.

The opportunities are abundant, but you can’t recognize them if you are not in the preparation mode. You can’t see them if that’s not what you are thinking about ALL THE FRIGGIN’ TIME.

You can’t seize an opportunity if you are not ready for it.

Preparation is a daily action. It’s a habit. It’s doing your part every single day, for many many days.

Please prepare. And prepare well.

It’s not always going to be fun. In fact, sometimes it will be painful, and boring, and you will work VERY long hours. But do it anyway.

And then when you see the right opportunity, at the right time, at the right preparation level – you’ll be able to seize it and make it your own.

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