The Other Side

When the world around me turns into a whirlwind

I like to curl up in my cocoon,

Cut all strings; shut my brain off

And close my eyes.

Then I step into the other side of the world

Where there is no judgment,

There’s only love; the unconditional kind.

Beings there are nice.

And they seem to like me too.

The voices tell me, that everything will be alright

Sometimes the brain tries to speak up

It says that the voices are lying

But the brain is what the world made of it.

And these voices are mine!

So I shut it back off and talk to the voices again

They show me a different picture –

Beautiful and insane.

They tell me crazy is good

And ask me to hang in there

The world will take care of itself,

Even when I don’t despair.

Only if I could live like this

Every day of my life,

This world would be a better place.

For me, for you and for all,

The joy of just being is what I’m looking for…

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