On Being Vulnerable

Human beings are vulnerable. Very vulnerable. That’s how we are supposed to be.

But lately, we have started to associate vulnerability with weakness. We hide our emotions, our thoughts, our tears, our laughter because we don’t want people to mistake us for being weak.

Putting yourself out there involves a lot of risk; risk of being misunderstood, of being judged, of being rejected. But if we don’t, we kill authenticity. We become fake “strong” people. Emotionless. Un-hurtable.

That’s not who we are. We are people. We have emotions. We get hurt. We feel jealous. We cry. We laugh. We try. And sometimes fail. And that is okay!

We cannot love without being vulnerable. Without opening our hearts to people. Without letting people we love, into our lives. Without letting them see our dark side. Without seeing their dark sides.

Being vulnerable doesn’t mean that you are weak. It just means that you are honest. That you are genuine. That you are human. That you care.

In fact, being vulnerable means that you are strong.

Strong enough to open yourself up to the chance of getting hurt.

You take risks.

You are real.

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