Life update and some fun things about moving to a new city

Moving to a new city, changing jobs, changing local social network are some of the most stressful life events. What makes it worse is bidding goodbye to your friends and your comfort zone. It’s like starting your life over. It can be overwhelming. Scary.

I did all of the above recently. I said goodbye to my friends, coworkers and the life I knew in Oklahoma; sold almost everything I owned; packed the rest; and moved to Dallas. Distance wise, I wouldn’t consider this a painful move; but lifestyle wise, it’s a 180 degrees shift. I am still settling down and it’s not fun to run errands and go furniture shopping over the weekends.

I am totally outside my comfort zone here.

And I love it!

If you are happy where you are – Great! But if you hate being where you are and want to pack your bags and leave; but are too scared to do that – I want to list out some fun and exciting things that have happened with me after this move. Get ready!

new and different

Every day is an adventure

Why? Because you don’t know where anything is and you keep getting lost. I think getting lost in a new city has a charm of its own. You find places you wouldn’t otherwise think of, or find out about.

You will find a new best friend – A map

When was the last time you looked at a map? I know I didn’t until recently. I was so sure that Siri can take me anywhere in the new city. But very soon I realized that I needed to look at the map to figure out where everything was. Once I did that, I felt so independent! I didn’t have to depend on Siri to take me to work every day; or to the grocery store; or Chipotle. I found freedom!

You will meet new people

I’ll be honest – this is a tough one for me. I am not a big fan of meeting strangers. But you know what; these strangers can end up being great friends. Meet friends you have lost touch with. Meet friends of friends. Meet neighbors. Meet strangers.

Your brain will gain super powers and work better, faster, longer hours!

I don’t know how that happened, but my brain has been working like a super hero since I moved. Yes, it gets stressed out working overtime, but then I take some downtime and it’s recharged again. And BAM we’re back in the game.

Opportunity to hit the reset button

If there is anything you wanted to change about yourself or improve on; this is the time. Want to shake off that image you had built among friends? Go for it. Want to start a few healthier, newer habits? No problem.


When you find yourself sitting at home alone on a Friday night, you’ll realize that you can use this time to work on your hobbies or little weekend projects. Paint, read, write, watch a movie, make music or anything else you wanted to do and had no time for.

You may be pretty nervous about moving to a new city where you don’t know anybody and don’t know what to expect. That is completely natural. Hopefully, I have given you some reasons to look forward to it.

P.S. Enjoy being new in the city while you can. You’ll not stay new forever. 

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