The last post of 2012 (Some badass advice!)

2012 was nothing less than a Frankenstorm for me! So much happened in this one year; not all of which is blog-worthy or blog-appropriate. But hey, we did survive the end of the world!

Here are some other things I want you to keep in mind as we take on 2013 together –

I love you.

You are awesome — cz you are reading this insightful blog and you have a good taste.

Whatever you set your heart upon — you will achieve.

Whatever decisions you make this year — you shall not regret! They’ll either be right and will bring you joy and success; or they’ll be wrong and will teach you valuable lessons.

Whatever you thought you would do ‘one day’ — you can do NOW.

Whatever you deserve in 2013 – you will receive.

Whoever hurt you this year — you can forgive.

Whoever tells you that you don’t have enough — is terribly wrong.

 And whoever tells you otherwise — you can hit that son of the bitch in the face!

Tonight, as we welcome another year, let’s thank everyone for everything. Give away free hugs. Drink a lot of wine. Eat some pie. And make some bad decisions. (Yes you can blame those on me!)

Happy New Year!

Remember what a wise man once said…

It’s not about what you’ve done, It’s about what you doing…

It’s all about where you going. No matter where you’ve been… Let’s go!!!

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