Shawty, you’re blessed!

Being 5’2, I have been subjected to all kinds of short-girl jokes and comments – some funny, others not so much. But at the end of the day, I think there are serious advantages of being short. Here are all the reasonable ones I could find:

  1. You’ll be a hot mamma – You will look younger than your peers and will be complimented for the rest of your life. Petites in general have better bodies. I still get ID-ed at the bars, and it’s such a joy I tell you.
  2. Airplane travel is never a pain – All airline seats have business class leg room for you. Never have to cram into the seat; cz there’s always enough space.
  3. You can stand up in airplanes without hitting your head.
  4. The bed is always bigger than it actually is.
  5. Your skin products will last longer (waddup long lasting bottle of expensive body lotion!)
  6. You can walk through small doors without hitting your head to the roof.
  7. At shows and concerts, people are more likely to let you get in front of them. All you have to do is – Ask.
  8. No dress is ever too short – You have the Fashion freedom like none other! You can put on the skimpiest outfit and it will still not be too-short or vulgar. Ever!
  9. You can wear the highest pair of heels and your guy will not have a problem with it; he’ll still be the taller one in the couple. Guys like that.
  10. People will always remember you cz you are so short.
  11. You will be forever cute!
  12. People don’t have complex issues with short people in general, cz they are never viewed as dominating or over powering. People like the fact that they don’t feel threatened in your company.
  13. You won’t have a problem finding a guy who’s taller than you.
  14. When it rains, we’re last to get wet.
  15. You will always have an excuse to get someone else to change light bulbs or get you stuff from the higher cabinets.
  16. Shorter people live longer – according to the World Health Organization study in 1992 – bigger bodies have more cells, and fewer potential cell doublings to replace defective or dead cells (so says the research).
  17. You can experience and react to the world faster than tall people (because of temporal binding).

Oh, and don’t forget your awesome companions in the journey of ‘shorties taking over the world’ – Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lavato, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria, Nicki Minaj (and of course Sowm!)…

So ladies, chin up and let’s get the party started!

13 thoughts on “Shawty, you’re blessed!

  1. oddly, this is reminiscent of my perils when i was fun-size as a kid. problems in reaching high places (which mom gladly used to hide candies in the highest shelves), problems in auditoriums where a tall guy in the front seat could ruin the show and the general weirdness in asking out that hot classmate who had of-course grown taller faster than u’d like.

      1. that’s it? i was expecting at least a 10 pt. blog post titled – ‘chawby, you’re blessed too!” 😀

      2. LOL you’re prolly not going to get that.. The difference is, that being chubby is a choice, being tall or short isn’t 🙂 So no sympathy there..

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