November – 30 Days of Giving Thanks

There is never a bad time to be thankful for little joys of life! For approaching thanksgiving day, I want to start a routine to be grateful every day; for all the little and the big things that make my life so joyful and abundant. One of the many little projects that I had started few months back was to write down, each morning, what I am grateful for and what were my intentions for that day. As the novelty of this practice wore off, I became more and more irregular with time. So to get back in the routine of giving thanks, I want to start a challenge to give thanks everyday, for thirty days – they say practice everyday for 30 days makes it a habit!

Rules –

  1. Everyday I will post about one thing I am thankful for
  2. Join me to thank the universe for all the joys – Do it in the comments below, on your blog, on a chalkboard or privately in your journal

Thank You! 🙂

4 thoughts on “November – 30 Days of Giving Thanks

  1. Hola! Thanks for stopping by my 30 Days of Grateful and leaving your link inviting me to share your 30 Days of Giving Thanks…coincidence? No way! I don’t believe in coincidences. I write mine at the end of the day as oppose to yours in the morning. So here is my link for last night’s grateful:

    Looking forward to sharing our gratefulness and thanks together. It will be a good team for I may find inspiration as I rise and I hope you find inspiration in mine as you lay your head to rest.

    ~SimplyyMayra 🙂

    1. Coincidence? Naah, it’s November, thats probably what it is! haha I saw a lot of gratefulness challenges and I wanted to do a little one of my own. Just want to be more grateful about little things in life that make it so special 🙂
      I love your gratefulness posts! And I will make sure I read all of them! Thanks for the love 🙂

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