The Attitude of Gratitude

We are supposedly social animals, but over time we have turned into self centric, egoists living in the Me-world. That world for sure is prettier cz ‘I’ rules it and everything plays by I’s rules. But it also creates many problems. The major one being the need to be in control, all the friggin time. But cuh’mon, get real – can you really be in control all the time? There are things in this world that are beyond your control. One among many is someone else’s attitude. There is no way on earth you can change it unless he/she wants to change it too. Then what are you going to do? Get mad and scheme? Or just get sad and withdraw? Either way, you won’t be happy! 

Sounds like a problem you have had before? (Don’t have to tell me, just be honest to yourself). If the answer is yes, read on…

So what the hell is the solution? Simple. Breathe. And take focus away from ‘I’. ‘I’ is the cause of a lot of problems and once you stop giving so much importance to ‘I’, you will see that there isn’t really a problem. One thing you can do is to think like a third person and see what makes sense in the given situation.

Another simple way is to focus on something other than ‘I’. I find the attitude of gratitude working really well in this case. When you look around, you take focus away from ‘I’ and start counting things around you. Once I realized this, I have made it a habit to express gratitude for at least one good thing in my life every day. This makes me feel the present moment and look at good things in my life that I otherwise took for granted. It also helps build stronger relationships with people you love. 

What am I grateful for today?

My Dad. For being an amazing human being and teaching us how to love family. For teaching us the difference between right and wrong. For making us realize that fun and laughter can be a part of a successful life. For always encouraging us to achieve more than what we aimed for. For teaching us not to let failures stop our chase. For spoiling us by getting us everything we wanted and more. For all the love and support. And for holding our family together. Thank you god, for an awesome dad! 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Attitude of Gratitude

  1. You’re right; gratitude is being able to look outside yourself or our own personal “I’s”. Seeing the good things around us, whether people/family, like your dad, or good occurrences or events that surround us. That appreciation will go a long way in feeling good about ourselves.

    I find myself feeling down quite often, not having what I want, but then when I stop to remind myself what I do have- my dad, my sister, my health for now, a roof over my head, and food at every meal- well, life ain’t that bad.

    Thanks for your posting, I like the reminder .

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