Bucket List for 2012

Every man dies – Not every man really lives” — William Ross Wallace

What is living anyways? Certainly not sitting on your rear and thinking about what you will do ‘one day…’. Hence the yearly list. 

Here is my list for 2012. Get inspired and enjoy!

#1 Travel more often

I failed miserably on this one in 2011. 2012 is a new year and it’s my chance to make up for the failure from last year. I will travel much this year. One thing I want to do is, to pack my bags and just set off for an undecided destination, with no plans. Remember my almost forgotten travel blog? I would like to migrate that to WordPress and post new travel updates. But hey, that’s not on the bucket list for this year. I will focus on travel. Oh yes, I will.

#2 Learn a new skill

I think I like how I am more and more interested in painting now. I would like to pursue this interest this year. But at the same time, I would like to learn an additional skill. Something that I haven’t done before. I don’t know what it will be yet, but whatever it is, I will keep y’all posted.

#3 Make a difference in someone’s life

We are all becoming meaner by the day. And more and more self centered too. Especially me. I think my life has always revolved around ‘I’. It has always been about what I want, or what I feel like, or what I get. In 2012, I want to touch someone else’s life. Make a difference in someone’s life, for better of course. Do good deeds to at least five people, without expecting anything in return. You will have to keep reading to find out who and how 🙂

#4 Spend more time with mother nature

Hike, walk, go to a beach, go to a national park or just take a cruise; but spend more time in nature; away from the mechanical world; away from technology. So next time I go MIA for a little bit, you know why!

#5 Try vegetarianism for one month

Although I fully support PETA and am totally in favor of saving animals, I am still a hard core meat eater. I enjoy grilled chicken breast that has been marinated over night in spices, slow cooked spicy pulled pork, a good medium rare steak, variety of sea food, sadda butter chicken and the likes. But this year, I want to try being a vegetarian, probably only for a month; mainly for detoxification, experimentation and health reasons. I will let you know how it goes!

#6 Meditate (more)

Get my Ekam certification and move up a level in meditation class! Yup, I said it, I go to weekly meditation classes. And strangely enough, I love it! I would like to make this a habit and a part of my routine. That is one of my goals for this years.

#7 Read more often

I enjoy reading. But I have never had a reading goal. This year I want to be specific and have myself read twenty books, at the least. I don’t know if I want to do book reviews, but I would definitely share my reading list with you guys (yes, that’s how much I love you!).

#8 Create an inspirational thinking space

I have a super small bedroom; so small that I barely have any room to walk around. Or may be I just have too much furniture. But whatever the case may be, I want to create a cozy thinking corner somewhere in the apartment. Some place that stimulates my brain and inspires me everyday. I will post pictures of the space when its ready!

#9 Start living a healthier and happier life

After a major setback on the health front last year, I have learned the value of health. Like i always say, realization comes from loss. This year I want to focus on health, cz at the end of the day, happiness is tied to it too. You can’t enjoy little pleasures of life if you are living in constant body pain, or a constant headache or some other kind of illness. I want to change some things I do and start doing things that I think I should do to get healthier.

#10 Do something  impossible

When I say impossible, I mean something that I have always thought was impossible for me to achieve. So in 2012, I want to pin that down, and just man up and do it. Hopefully I will survive through it and only get stronger 🙂

So all in all looks like 2012 is going to be an year of experimentation for me. No, I am not suffering from quarter-life crisis. I am just exploring. And honestly, I think the trial and error works best in real life; nothing else does. I am so excited about 2012.

Have a kick-ass year ahead!

11 thoughts on “Bucket List for 2012

  1. I like your list…I’ve actually have many of the same goal. Funny you mention the thinking space. Some places are so relaxing and appealing. Dark colors and just the right objects and lighting. Interesting artwork and minimal clutter.

    I’ve actually bought an easel a number of weeks back and sketched out an outline to paint. It’s just sitting there waiting for color, since I did the outline in pencil. Believe it or not, I actually started a sculpture and that still needs work. I’m a great starter!! 🙂

    1. Wow! You should finish the painting and the sculpture. The feeling of checking things off the to-do list is AWESOME! Since you already have two projects started, you can juggle between the two so you don’t get so bored of one 😛 I am kinda like that two, so I have to read two books at a time lol Good luck! 🙂

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