My Religion?

This is in response to a co-blogger’s thought provoking post – How culture and religion mix? it made me think — What religion do I follow? 

Agnostic means without knowledge. That’s what wiki told me. Lately I have had a few discussions and read a little about religion (Yeah, finally!). I have no idea what religion I am. I was born in a Hindu/Punjabi family. My family practices Hinduism, but they are not true devouts I think. Cz there are certain things we do that are strictly prohibited by Hinduism; Eating meat and consuming alcohol are just a few examples. Growing up we usually didn’t follow much customs and Hindu practices. We did celebrate the festivals though. Mom occasionally talked us into going to the temple too. But really, that’s about it. So I would just say that may be my mom is a Hindu devout, but dad is only partially Hindu.

And me? I won’t call myself a practicing Hindu by any means. I believe in god though; or that super natural power above us. Well, may be I just believe in a one god theory. I follow some Hindu practices; like occasional fasting, going to the temple (more to be able to think or meditate and work on my relationship with god than anything else), praying etc. But I do have some additional beliefs that may or may not necessarily align with Hinduism per say. Like:

  1. I prefer Sikh temples more than Hindu temples. I think they are more peaceful and give one time and better ambience to pray and to think.
  2. I don’t believe much in idol worship. I do not need a marble idol in front of my eyes to be able to pray. I can do it anywhere and anytime.
  3. I believe that we were born human for a purpose. We all need to find ours and work towards it.
  4. I don’t know if heaven and hell exist.
  5. I don’t know if rebirth is a true phenomenon and really, I don’t care.
  6. I believe in god, one god, and my personal relationship with god. And I don’t think I need a religion to tell me how to worship and build that relationship.
  7. I believe all religions can co-exist.
  8. I believe the only way to be close to god is by action; if you sit and pray all day, that wouldn’t mean much unless you do good deeds in life.
  9. I believe in Karma. A lot. Everyone reaps what they sow; and that too in the same life.
  10. I believe we are all a part of god. Our souls are particle gods.

I just think religion was established way back in the days. By now people have really corrupted it. It has been interpreted in many different ways; some better than others, but still not the same as original. People now just use religion to divide and conquer.

What happens after we die? Is there a heaven? If yes, how do we get to heaven? What were we before we were born? I don’t know! Do I plan on finding out? May be.

True religion for me is humanity, giving back to the society, bringing peace and joy in every heart and just making people happy. So yes, I was born Hindu, but really, who am I? What is my religion? Another pursuit begins right here…

4 thoughts on “My Religion?

  1. I like your post, and the topic. I think it’s good to be honest and not too cynical about it. I agree with a lot of what you say in an overall sense, though I wouldn’t necessarily agree that religion in general has been corrupted. It can be a beautiful thing. Anyway, it’s cool to hear what you think about it. As for me, I do believe there is a God, I do think there is certaintly good and evil, and I don’t think we can ever really know it all. That’s the rules we have to go by.

  2. So that means that you believe in God but none of the established religions. You can leave it there, that’s an acceptable state.

    In thinking about God its important to leave the hype around religions and to actually think: What is there out there? Or is there?

    If it does coincide with any particular religion’s beliefs good. But just because many people believe in something, doesn’t mean that it is the most plausible.

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