Realization comes from loss

We learn to appreciate things more when we lose them. And that’s when we understand the power (or lack of) gratitude.

I just woke up from a horrible dream. This is how it goes…

Scene 1:

It started well. My life was just how it is; happy, popular, fun and spoilt. I had everything I wanted and I loved it. One day my friends and I rented a boat and went to the lake. Everything was great until I saw this weird thing – a dummy in the trees with a plaid scarf. I tried to throw a stone at it. I jumped and got hurt. Suddenly the scenario changed and there was no boat, no friends, no dummy.

Scene 2:

I was in a courtroom were someone was on a trial for illegally converting people to his religion. His lawyer was his elder brother, so he got this guy a chance to talk. This guy, talked about how whatever he did was right and how he is going to continue doing that. In a few seconds there was shooting and next thing I know this guy shot 23 bullets at me; out of which 13 were in my left leg. And needless to say I lost my left leg. This wasn’t the worst part.

Back to scene 1

Same family, same friends, but I had changed. I lived a life with only one leg. I saw myself struggling to get my old life back; went to several doctors, hospitals, my friends had started to treat me different now, I was still popular, but as the girl who got shot 13 bullets in her leg. I was a survivor, but I had to live a different life.

This is when I looked back and realized how thankless I am for the life I have. I seldom thank god for what I have right now, and often complain about things I want and don’t have.

Another thing I learned was – survivors are lucky, but its not easy for them to live the new life. Its not the same. When I heard the words war survivor, cancer survivor or accident survivor, I only looked at the fact that they survived. Never thought about how their lives have changed. I think now, I have a new perspective about the life of a survivor. 

This dream changed my life a little… in a good way of course!

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