What’s this fuss about the vision boards? I have read the book – The Secret, and have also watched the movie. And I will shamelessly confess that I liked both. May be because that I am a strong believer in creating positive energy around us to get positive results. I could somewhat relate to it. I know a lot of stuff is over the top, but some also makes sense (at least to me). What’s wrong in thinking about being grateful and optimistic?

With this note I think my next project is to create a vision board for myself. Why? Let’s take a test —

  • Does is hurt to try this out? No.
  • Does it involve a lot of investment? No.
  • Does it have potential to be good? Maybe.

Test results — Go for it!

I’m new to this whole ‘Law of attraction’ and vision board hullabaloo, so the best way to figure this out for me would be to just do it. Fine, now since this is decided, I will work on it this weekend and post some pictures next week… 🙂

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