Yet another phobia

I am in a fix right now.

I have a fear of needles. I can not take shots well and letting someone take blood out of my body is far from imagination. I my entire life, I have only had two blood tests – one when I was four (or may be five) years old. I still remember running away, screaming in the hospital. Escaping into the elevator to get to a safe spot cz the nurse was running after me trying to chase me. But obviously I was caught and they pricked my finger to take a blood sample. And that day I decided – never again! But then came a day when I had to get a blood test done, in order to get a medical OK to enter the USA. And I was scared to death cz I knew they were going to prick my finger again. But this time I was twenty and I couldn’t afford the drama cz they might just send me to jail for screaming in the hospital. So I hung in there tight and waited for the nurse to come in and make my nightmare come true. Only this time I was surprised. Cz they don’t prick fingers anymore, or may be I was too old for that. Whatever it was… the nurse put a needle in my arm to get some blood out. I felt that I was cheated. That’s not what I signed up for. I was prepared for the prick not the needle! You cheat!!!

And now, after six years, I am told to get another blood test done. And this time I know its not a prick, but a needle. And I have no choice. But thank goodness for this awesome doctor who said that she can apply a numbing cream so that I don’t feel the needle at all. I just hope that the cream works. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Yet another phobia

  1. I find pricking far worse than a needle.

    The same thing happened to me. When I was 3, I had to get a blood test. When I was not even noticing, the nurse came and pricked my index finger. That was really rude.

    The next time I had a blood test, I always braced for the prick, but it never came. It was always a needle.

    Needles hardly hurt, even though they look scary.

    But everyone has a different irrational fear. So I respect that.

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