Straight faces make me awkward

Yes they do. The awkwardness induced by a straight face is worse than someone asking you if you want an orange peel in the middle of a conversation. So if you see me avoiding you and cutting you off and walking out when you are talking, just know that you are wearing a straight face. A straight face is like an unaccessorized expensive dress. Lame. You might have a chance to make me stay, if you realize this quick enough and throw in some expression on your face. If you are not smart enough to think that fast and don’t know what to do, just smile. That’s an expression too (just FYI).

Some one once told me that a smile can act as a guard. Smiles can be used to hide emotions and prevent other people from reading your mind. And I know some people do get annoyed with a constant plastic smile. But hey, I would take a fake smile any day over a straight expressionless dead looking face.

  1. What if you have an expressionless face? I don’t think you can do anything about it. May be you can try the following –
  2. Like I said before – Smile!
  3. Get excited about things. Enjoy life. If you have an excited mind, you will have an excited, happy face. You will have an irresistible glitter in your eyes, which by the way is very attractive
  4. Wake up – Please get yourself a cup of coffee and wake up. Don’t sleep walk the whole day. If you are sleepy, go home and sleep. You will do the rest of the world a favor.
  5. Frown? Maybe. That’s an expression too. P.S. try this at your own risk. This might make you look constipated.
  6. Shut your brain. This will confuse you and you will have a question mark on your face which might actually result in a good conversation

If all of the above options fail, you still have two options –
  1. Go home
  2. Just don’t talk to me
Note – I tried, but couldn’t find a good weird straight face stare picture. If you find one, let me know.

4 thoughts on “Straight faces make me awkward

  1. hehe nice post… I think I have an expressionless face, and I haven’t been able to do much about it… 😦

    Smiling for hours on an end gives you cheek aches, and then when you really want to smile, you have to smile that much harder.

    Its tough man… not everyone is excited at every little thing…

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