What have I been doing and not doing?

Browsing the internet, jotting down random thoughts (that used to result in most of my blog posts) and chatting at work have become luxuries now. I can not remember when was the last time I did this. No wonder it’s been quite out here for a while.

Anyhoo… now since I am here, you ask what have I been doing?

  • Spending time at work mostly (consider this a work rant)
  • Reading – I have picked up reading like crazy last few months. I think I am already down 2-3 books a month now. Which for me is a big record! I am still a non-fiction kinda girl though, haven’t been able to develop a taste for fiction yet. More on reading – I must have mentioned that I got a kindle last year, which helped me get into the reading groove. But I must admit that in spite of the expensive purchase, I still by books. Like real books. There is no substitute for the smell of paper and the feeling of holding a book in your hand, making random notes and highlighting stuff on the go. P.S. I still love my kindle!
  • Hanging with the D – Two important activities we do together – Go to pet smart training and hang out at the dog park. Pet Smart training is more work for me than it is for little D. Cz he just refuses to obey when he’s in public. All he wants to do is growl at the German shepherd and mess with the big black Labrador in the class. I don’t think he cares too much about the smaller dogs, except the fact that he can steal their treats. In the dog park, he likes to play a lot, but since he is more energetic than a lot of smaller dogs, he needs extra time in the park (this is my time to catch up on more reading. Yayy!). He does very well on training at home though, so that’s good for me!
  • Volunteering – I tried my hand at volunteering recently and I must say that it failed miserably. Why? Well, looks like they didn’t have anything for me to do. I volunteered to help out in the temple and all they could come up with was ‘can you fold these sheets?’ (there were like 5 sheets, and it took me less than 5 mins to do that). When I asked for more, they said ‘Oh can you watch the tent? Make sure the cat doesn’t get in the tent’. As soon as I said okay, everyone, and I mean every single one, left for dinner. Sitting in the tent at 10 at night all by myself was no fun. Especially when I knew there was a cat somewhere around there. I think I will just have to find another place now. Let me know if you know of a place where they will make me do some real work.
  • Thinking – There has been a lot going on in my mind. Let’s just call it a plan for now. And it involves some action too. More details on this sometime later this year.
  • Planning a vacation. A big vacation.
What have I not been doing?
  • Shopping – I am very proud of myself. I haven’t gone shopping for fun lately. This doesn’t mean that I saved a lot of money. It only means, I am trying to break the habit of going to the mall when I am sad, happy, satisfied, angry etc.
  • Studying – I am not in school anymore. D’oh!
  • Sleeping – This is another surprise. I have not had dark circles in years, until recently. Sleeping is still one of my favorite things to do. But don’t know why I have not been doing that much lately. Action item taken!
  • Over eating – which is great. Another habit I am trying to break.

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