Welcome 2011!

So what’s the big deal about January 1st every year, year after year? I am sure some people don’t care too much about this date. Like my parents. Or like most parents for that matter. And some pessimist young people too. But I care. A lot. I love this date. Every year it’s like a reset button in my life. And I like it more cz I take my resolutions seriously 🙂 yes I am a good girl.
This year, after much thought and analysis, I came up with the list of brand new 2011 resolutions for moiself! And no, it does not include going to the gym five days a week. D’oh!
So here goes the list —

1. Become absolutely debt free

2. Eat at home more often – more like at least four days a week

3. Get myself a real savings account

4. Travel – visit a new country. And travel more often. Definitely!

5. Simplify life – De-clutter and organize life. Get rid of all the stuff I don’t ever use anymore. And get everything I own, a home. Get back on schedule and make sure everything is in proper working condition. I read somewhere, it brings in good chi 🙂

6. Learn a skill/get a new hobby – last year I took up some reading. And it worked out well. This year I want to start a new project (with SMART goals). I will post more about it soon. This one is still under works.

7. Yoga – practice yoga regularly for a calm and more peaceful mind and body. Definitely!

8. Accumulate experiences, not material – enjoy the little things in life. P.S. But this doesn’t mean that I will stop chasing the big ones 😛 spend more time with people I love.

9. Find more time for hobbies

10. Take time to breath – I will just leave it there

And you guys, yes you, feel free to get inspired. Meanwhile, I will keep looking around and update this list if I come up with a new interesting resolution to add to the list.

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