Buh-bye summer, hello fall!

Labor Day weekend! And just like every single labor day weekend, I did not travel I don’t know how this time around the year, every year, I am always either broke, or sick or both. But hah! This time at least I did what is on #2 of my love list – Shopping!

Besides an extra day off and bargain sales, Labor Day also means an official start of FALL. Yes!! 😀

Fall for me is festivities, football and fashion!

Fact that the summer is coming to an end doesn’t make me happy, but I guess this summer wasn’t the best summer of my life anyway. So I don’t care too much about it ending. Oh by the way, wondering why this summer was not so much fun? Simple one word answer is – Work. As much as I like my job, I don’t like the fact that it leaves me with no time to get out and do stuff (which primarily means the two very things I enjoy a lot i.e. travelling and socializing).

But fall brings with it hope. I expect this fall to be beautiful and fun 🙂 Enjoy!

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