Stagnant – This word freaks me out, literally! Just the thought of life coming to a halt and me living my life in a strict routine where I don’t gain anything or learn anything = gives me goosebumps. Life to me is moving on, doing something new everyday, learning something I didn’t know yesterday, seeing something I have never seen before, doing something that I haven’t done ever or in a while, and just enjoying it moment by moment.

This weekend I had a chance to have some alone time, and I was in for a surprise… I realised that I was being sucked into the vicious circle of meaningless mechanical life. And that’s when I decided that this needs to change! Since then, I have been doing things to bring it back on track – cooked, cleaned, played guitar, read, and am updating my blog. And oh boy I feel good 🙂

It’s wonderful to see what ten minutes of head clearing can do!

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