Buzz about the Buzz!

You can do a lot of things with Google Buzz, which is great! One of the many things you can do is link your personal websites to your account. I thought it was pretty cool so I linked my blogs etc to my buzz. So now a summary of my blog shows up as my buzz – pretty cool I thought. But wait – what I see here is that everyone started commenting on my buzz, and stopped going to my blog :-O WTH

So now, I shall un-link the websites from my buzz. Now below are the rules, that WE will follow-

  1. I will blog more often (and as you see, I have been trying to be a little more regular with that lately)
  2. I will update my buzz (and twitter) with the link to the blog
  3. You will go to my blog-site and post the comments there

Great! So we are all set then?

Post soon,


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