Okay! So here is the deal…

Whenever I play the vanish act on you, I always try to come up with a good enough excuse. But let’s face it – I am human and I get caught up with life too. So moving on… Let me tell you the highlight of this weekend (Yes, I know you are dying to know that lol)

IKEA – Yes, I am talking about the furniture store! I have been wanting to get done with furnishing my apartment, but three months into my lease, I still don’t have some basics. So This Saturday, I decided to make a quick trip to Ikea. Drove three hours to get there, spent about four complete hours deciding what to buy, what color, quantity, size etc etc. And got all excited that finally I can come back home to a cosy, nicely furnished apartment – only to find out that the stuff that I wanted was out of stock! W.H.A.T??

So to relieve the heartache, we decided to eat at a (supposedly) nice Indian restaurant – Mayoori. But the food disappointed me even more. So we decied to call it a night and just drive back to Norman. Some weird sequence of events happened – GPS went out of charge, our phones died, and we were super sleepy. Somehow kept ourselves awake – coffee always does the trick 🙂

Reached home at about two in the morning. Crashed!!

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