Weekly update – I know you were waiting!

Looks like I am officially color blind now! Isn’t what you call people who buy blue stockings thinking its black? Worse, they don’t see it, until they put it on with a black skirt and shoes and go to work.

So men like to talk about shoes and watches too. Really! I served as an amused audience this morning to an hour long (well almost) conversation about which watch looks good on whose wrist and why. And don’t forget the talk about prices and designers.

Question: Shirt, straight plaid woolen skirt, tights and boots – why do I feel that I am looking like a school girl? Is this my fear of aging? OMG! Some one said it looked hot šŸ˜‰ but I am not too good at sensing sarcasm.

Something that’s common between all the human beings – we all commit mistakes, most of us regret and some of us just forget ’em with time and repeat ’em! Which category do you fall in?

8 glasses of water a day = 800 trips to the bathroom!

Story of the week:
What do you call people who have the keys, and still get locked out of their house? Why do I ask you say. Cz that’s what my name will be after what happened last night. After trying hard, walking around in the cold trying to find out what to do, I finally caught hold of a stranger in the laundry room and asked for help. Obviously it was hard to find a human soul on the road when it was 30F (which by the way is -1C) outside!
Why did I not ‘call’ for help? I would if I had my phone on me. I forgot it at work! Yes! I survived more than twelve hours without any modeof technical communication (Is that even a term?)

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