It’s a brutal truth that I have outgrown a size two in merely two months. And now I am obsessed – obsessed with losing weight, dieting, exercising, and what not. But being a food jerk, it has been hard for me to stick to a diet. I have had several plans, most of which have failed miserably.
PLAN # 1: All vegetarian diet I tried this for two weeks. And I was strictly able to stick to it. No meat for two whole weeks. I think I felt fine. But right after two weeks I started eating meat like a carnivore. Now I am back to where I was. Result – Nothing.

PLAN # 2: Lean Cuisine
I have screamed out loud many times that I do not enjoy cooking. So this seemed to be an easy diet plan to follow (but it was easy only for one day). Soon I got bored of the frozen food day and night. I can have it only once a day everyday at the most. And I found myself snacking like crazy. My snacks became heavier than my meals. and I was always unsatisfied and hungry. Result – Nothing again.

PLAN # 3: South beach diet
Belen introduced me to this diet plan. They say Tobey Maguire used this diet to get his Spiderman body (not that I want one like his). What it is, is basically making healthier eating choices, differentiating between good and bad carbs/fats. And I have been trying to stick to it. But to my surprise, the day I started this diet, I have been having cravings for cheesy, fried and greasy stuff. I have no idea why. I have never had such cravings! Honestly! Result – N-A-D-A!

PLAN # 4: ‘Eat small portions, five times a day’ diet
I have started eating five times a day. But the portions are not small. And some days, when they are, it doesn’t really matter. There are times when I feel stuffed, not hungry at all, but I still want to eat. Result – it’s making things worse!

I feel like I have some kind of eating disorder – the kind in which I want to eat everything edible I see around me. A kind in which I have cravings for food that I used to absolutely hate not too long ago. What has happened to me in these two months? What changed that changed me so much?

Now I am seriously looking for a plan that really works. It’s affecting me mentally and physically of course. It’s kinda shaping into a psychological disorder now. That uncontrollable urge to eat, and then the guilt after eating! To be honest, I am not fat, I just need to lose a couple of inches and I will be back to normal and happy. But I have no idea as to what diet/work-out plan to follow.


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  1. 1. glass of milk in the morning with a small portion of sprouts in the mornin.
    2. Lunch – something satisfying (like meat or summin but small portion -chewing 30 times plus helps :P)
    3. evening – small snack (like french toasts etc )
    4. Night-light dinner but since we r indians add a lil spice to it or u will crave later.
    and ofcourse 45 plus mins of daily workout (no weekend pffs)

    helped me drop from 51 to 44 🙂 and toning was a sinch 🙂

  2. Question: What the heck are you doing on a diet, anyway, girl? I haven't seen you in almost a year, but I'm willing to bet you don't need it…

  3. Water!! Water!! and Water!!

    Drink water for every 30 minutes .. the volume of water you drink is upto you. May be one full glass or half a glass, do it constantly. It not only helps you burn fat but also cures many other unnoticeable ailments in your body, if present.

  4. …I feel sorry for you. The only thing that has ever worked is “working out”. Best thing you can do is keep record of how many miles you ran/walked in 20 mins (say). Throw in some weight training, because – cardio helps you burn fat while you do it, but weight training helps you maintain that elevated BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and burns fat while you are sleeping. Try to out do your self every week, if you ran a mile on week 1 in 20 mins, try doing this time in 19.20…Baby steps, no use to burn out.

    Try this prescription and call the doctor in a month (Dr. Saum)

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