Beware of small things

It’s that time of the year again – when summer is over and winter is not quite here yet. But this is that time of the year when we clean up. Pack the summer clothes/shoes and fill up the closet with warm/semi-warm clothes to get ready for the cold. So just like every year, I was organizing my closet when I saw how cluttered it was. Every time I clean it, I promise to myself that this closet will have only the basics, the bare minimums in it. No extras!

But again, every time I start cleaning, I find a bunch of stuff in there which is basically clutter – things I was crazy about, loved ‘em, spent a fortune on ‘em but will never be able to use ‘em. Random things – clothes I don’t like anymore, or don’t fit into, or are out of fashion, shoes that are pretty but don’t go well with anything, unused make up, souvenirs I collected from different places, bags, jewelry that I will never wear, old gifts from people who aren’t even a part of my life any more, some random wires, old broken phone, batteries, tons and tons of paper/receipts/documents and what not.

I wonder how this damn thing keeps getting so messed up. Where does all the ‘extra’ stuff keep coming from? I don’t even see them sneaking in there. And the worst part is that I notice them when it’s all over the place. It’s like it just takes control of the territory.

Isn’t that how our lives are too? We try to keep it simple, but with each passing day, we accumulate clutter and make our baggage heavier. We end up investing our time in the unnecessary, wasting our emotion in the undeserving, spending our money on the unworthy, and making the contemptible a part of our life. And what’s more tricky is that we realize it only when it takes control of us and messes us up in our heads. We keep overlooking these small things each day cz at that time it doesn’t look so messed up. But at the end of the year, when we look back, we see how these little things shape our lives.

So here’s a word of caution – “BEWARE OF SMALL THINGS”! Enjoy the good ones, and clean up the bad ones while they’re still small.

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