I haven’t had anything interesting happen with me lately to blog about. I had another ordinary week:
The bad habit of not cooking forces me to spend a fortune eating out. But the fear of putting on weight leaves me with very limited options. Well, limited as in practically just Subway. So just like most of the afternoons, I was at Subway for lunch and what do I see there? All the servers were obese! Really? If I see fat waiters/waitresses anywhere else I wouldn’t be that surprised. Cz c’mon after all this is America. But at Subway? Were they not the ones who claimed to be the healthy eating place of the country? What were they thinking?

Talking of healthy food – I have had very hard last two weeks. I have been on a vegetarian diet. Trust me it’s not easy for someone who used to have meat twice or thrice a day. But I can already feel the difference – I feel lighter and I think I am already losing some pounds. If not, then definitely not gaining any more. Since now I have an eight to five job, which requires me to rest my ass on the chair all day, it was almost necessary for me to follow some kind of a health plan. And Belen came for my rescue and asked me if I wanted to be her diet buddy! Without a second thought I said yes. Now we are both keeping a check on each others’ eating habits and trying to work out regularly. I finally found a gym near my work place. So looks like my life is back on track here…

I also had a very quite weekend. Oh by the way, did I mention I got a chance to go for Garba and Dandiya – all dressed up in Indian clothes. Had fun! Except, I bumped into an extremely rude bunch of people. I hate to generalize, so I won’t say that they were rude cz they were ABCDs. Instead, I will say – They were rude ABCDs. What a turn off! But besides that it was fun 🙂 I missed home!

For people who don’t know: ABCD = American Born Confused Desi. Seriously, if someone knows, let me know what’s the deal with that? Until yesterday, I never believed when people told me that ABCDs are cocky and unfriendly. But it’s hard not to believe that now. Am I generalizing? May be.

Work was exciting last week. Things are picking up at work. I finished both the required certifications and have started taking up real issues. I enjoy a little responsibility. Next week should be fun, cz we have a four day training. I like trainings! Coming week should go by very fast. I hope we get free lunch though.

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  1. nice meetin u…
    thnx for lettin me 2 kno abt ABCD's… hhehe…
    “u r interestin”
    hope wil meet again,.,pretty sooner,., —> soon after ur next blog

    Stay Blessed

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