Just A Thought

This is based off of a mid night conversation with a psychologist (well, to be) –

‘Why so negative?’ I said. ‘Cz there is so much negativity around us in this world. Everyone is affected by the I-am-the-best syndrome and no one is forgiving anymore. All they want is to prove to everyone that they are no.1. So selfish, so careless. What is this world going to do? It’s like we have stopped growing. We grow only in numbers now.’

Is the world really that negative?

4 thoughts on “Just A Thought

  1. I agree with you guys. I myself am an optimist and look at this world in a brighter light than that. I think if the world was all bad, it would just end 😛

  2. I agree with what Payal said, it all depends on what you want to see or perceive.

    Now, give it a thought from this angle: Everyone is just so helping if not totally, in way or the other. Everyone helps atleast one person or the other in one way or the other.

    Let me know how you feel.

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