Let’s call it a reading challenge!

Confession time! I have been wanting to improve on my reading habit from a long time. Back in the days… (High school days I mean :P) I loved to read. All kinds of stuff – classics, fiction, non-fiction, good bad, short, long, sad, happy, inspirational and everything else. And slowly I just stopped reading. And like everyone else, I found a million things to blame it on. School, friends, family, time, newer hobbies etc. And I always promised to myself that one day – one fine day – I will get back to reading.
I guess now is the time. I have decided to start reading for pleasure again. And since I have a very short concentration span, I will have to have a plan. So let’s do this – From now on, every time I pick up the book, I will read at least twenty pages. Not too much I know, but may be a good start.

Some calculation –

I am reading The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama – Its 415 pages in total. So if I read twenty pages every time I pick up the book, I should be able to finish this book in about twenty days. But since I am on a vacation, I can read more, or may be twice. So let’s say forty pages every day. And that way I can finish reading the book in ten days. Not bad!

Wish me luck 🙂

P.S. Feel free to be a part of this challenge, cz it’s like challenging yourself to read better stuff more often 🙂

3 thoughts on “Let’s call it a reading challenge!

  1. @Zeba: I am waiting for your next post!! Don't let it die I love it 🙂

    @Bhavs: lol girl the whole point of writing this was to tell people not to give excuses… 😛

  2. I can totally understand how tough is to read a novel!!! I'm still stuck with the crooked house!!! LOL!!! but i can blame it on the time!!! I'm busy till the april '10!!!

  3. I'm in ! Haha..I love your style of writing seriously..it's awesome that you can actually blend all your feelings (even the stupid one's at times) into such wonderful writing.

    Oh and thank you for the searching for my blog…I hate to say this but it is half dead…today I'm kinda reviving it. So keep a tab…and yeah keep writing! 🙂

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