Adventures of miss little Gini – San Diego! (Part-1)

So here’s another chapter in your future kids’ story book…

This year, I decided that I should spend the summer in California – Yes!

Decision was made, tickets were booked, ride to airport was arranged, stuff was packed and I was just waiting to get to California. Considering the history of me missing flights, I made sure that this time everything was done on time. Tickets were booked for Saturday afternoon (in case, I go out Friday night). Which obviously I did… so didn’t sleep Friday night, packed all Saturday morning, was ready before time! Perfect!! 🙂

Saturday Morning:

I reached at the airport and no points for guessing… I missed my flight! Again! How? Doesn’t really matter. I was sad, happy, confused and excited at the same time.

  1. Sad cz the next flight was on Sunday morning
  2. Happy cz now I can be there for Belen’s birthday
  3. Confused cz I didn’t know if I will be able to wake up next morning to reach the airport at 7.30 am
  4. Excited cz I decided to give Belen a surprise by not telling her about my flight and just showing up

Since I didn’t really have an option, I went back home. Took a nap and then got dressed to go to the party! Yay! I was excited. The little bit of sorrow that I had for missing my flight disappeared in the process. So there I go… Yes! Belen was pleasantly surprised (thank god, cz I was thinking what if she is not :P) It was a crazy night though. We went to a club in the city. All I remember is that we were having fun and then a bouncer told us to get out via the back door. Huh? Why? I don’t know. (I found out next morning that we were kicked out – details not necessary lol). All in all it was a crazy night! And I almost forgot that I have to be at the airport at 7 30 am next morning…

Sunday Morning:

Somehow I managed to get to the airport. Phew! I had to spend 45 minutes at the counter to get my boarding passes. Why? Cz I had US Airways tickets for Saturday, and it was only operated by United Airlines, so they didn’t have my details in their system. So I had to call US airways etc etc etc. So I finally get my boarding passes. And I was on standby! Never mind… as long as I was going to get to California on Sunday, alls cool! (Yeah I am very patient, thanks).

So the 9.50 flight was full. They couldn’t even accommodate a little person like me! Too bad! I had to wait for the next flight. Killed some 4 hours at the boarding gate – had a nice vegetarian sandwich, apple juice and gum, people-watch-ed, took a nap, talked to some random people… No, I don’t read at the airports, especially when I am sleep deprived of two nights.

So finally this lady announced that I got a seat in the flight to Denver CO. And it was cool cz the same flight was to go to San Diego CA. How convenient I said.

And yes, I said it too early!

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