O my techie techie mom

I have been having a very hard time waking up every morning. And even after I wake up, I take a lot of time to actually get out of my bed aka the couch at a friend’s house. Not that its unusual, but it is terribly unusually difficult for me these days. Blame it on lack of motivation or just call me lazy!

So last night I decided that I won’t waste any time in the morning, and will start working even before I actually get out of my bed. And hence set the laptop right by my pillow. So very excitedly I wake up today to check my e-mail. And Surprise Surprise!! I have an e-mail from guess who? My Mom!! Well, actually the e-mail wasn’t the surprise. The e-mail was written in devnagari script.

WHAT?? I said. I always knew my mom was kinda tech savvy, but it was surprising how she found a devnagari character picker online to write me e-mails. I can actually picture her with her reading glasses googling stuff. Moms are usually not supposed to be so smart with technology. So now if you wonder where my tech savvy genes come from – blame it on her LOL

I am officially her fan now!!

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