R.I.P. My pink phone!

This week has been pretty busy. A lot of stuff (don’t ask me what) kept me occupied and time is just flying by. So today I got a chance to go to walmart to buy necessary groceries (pay attention to the word necessary :P)

My friend Jenny and I were on our way to walmart. On the way…
Jenny: I have been trying to call you but your phone is always busy.
Sowm: Always busy? No it’s not.
Jenny: then why do I hear the busy beep every time I call you? Is it connected to your internet?
Sowm: No. And I have call waiting. So even if it was busy when you called I would have seen it. Well may be… my phone acts up some times. It’s old and I will buy a new one soon. (Soon = June or July).

@ Walmart:
Anyways so my friend and I get to walmart.
Jenny: Gosh how much stuff did you have to buy?
Sowm: A lot. But see how quick I am.
Jenny: O yeah. Very. I will go get some more stuff that I wanted to get.
Sowm: Okay, I will get my stuff billed by then.

I turned and bam! there went my phone… on the floor. But I wasn’t worried. Cz it wasn’t the first time it fell on the ground. I have dropped it so many times. It has also experienced my anger… when i threw it on the wall; more than once. And not to forget when i dropped it on the staircase. I don’t even want to count the number of times it fell while I was on a call.It survived everything. It is an iron-phone, nothing can happen to it. I laughed and picked it up. And damn! It broke! But I still had a feeble ray of hope that it will start working. At least so much that I’d be able to make/receive calls. So I put it together and waited. Gave it time to recover. Gave it some more time to recover. And some more time… Dude start working, I am getting impatient.

But no… too late… it has broken. Never to be fixed. Sob sob sob.

Post Walmart:
Jenny: So you have a lot of stuff. Do you need help?
Sowm: Yeah sure. Thanks 🙂
Jenny: Okay so which side?
Sowm: Just follow me.
Jenny: Okay
So we come right in front of the house and I try putting the key in the door lock to get in. but wait… Our door mat is not that dirty. And why does the key not open the door? Oh! It’s not my apartment.
Jenny: What? You don’t know where you stay?
Sowm: I do. It’s not this one.
Jenny: Then where is it?
Sowm: It should be the one in the next building.
Jenny: Wow! Let’s go check then.
Sowm: Yeah. Follow me.
Jenny: No not again. You follow me…

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