Welcome Spring!

I have never used movie wallpapers for my laptop. Ever! Except till today… Today I have a movie still from a hindi movie ‘Dostana’ as my wallpaper.

Now you will ask me… if never then why now? And why only ‘Dostana’? Oh yeah… cz the oh-so-sexy John Abrahim almost stripped in that movie. Or do I like Abhishek Bachchan that much? None! I like John and Abhishek but I have never had a crush on either of them really. Folks, I have it because of Priyanka Chopra. (Shocked?) No! My interests have not changed. I am still straight (just saying it out loud to clear all confusions, if any :P) I liked what she did to her body in this movie. How she got in to shape. Not too thin, not too fat. Just perfect. And since spring break is approaching, before I even think about a beach holiday, I need to get in a good shape too. Of course I can never become Chopra, but I can always use her for inspiration.

I have been wanting to get more regular to the gym since I came back from my India trip. But something or the other happens. I am broke at the moment. But I still purchased college gym membership. Even bought an ipod shuffle (I think it’s anybody’s best gym partner!). Also registered for the group fitness classes at the fitness center. But do you think all this will help? Let’s see. I shall write again on this topic during spring break and update you all how much was I benefited by these efforts (if at all I get any benefits hehe).

Spring is almost here. And I want to get back in shape before I start wearing my colorful little spring/summer clothes 😛 I ate uncontrollable in winter vacation. Obviously. So I need to act before it’s too late. And yes, I also want to mention here that I am not fat! Haha so it’s not a weight loss plan or diets or even anything close to that. It’s just a health plan (as I call it :))

Wish this lazy girl some luck 🙂

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