Welcome me back… I just got back to school from a long relaxing vacation. And honestly, it feels really good to be back to where I belong. This is my last semester at OU, but for some reason I feel I have been deprived of the normal student life. I never got a chance to be on the campus for a long time. In a two year course I moved two campuses and for internship. So I never really had a chance to be with people who were like me for very long… I did make some great friends along way. But I still missed out on stupid talks… like how weird/irritating the professor for the xyz course is, or gossip about the guy who claims to be single but spends 20 hours a day with a girl who is just-a-friend, or make fun of the girl in class who wore a high-school- times like clothes to class, or talk about this cute guy in the class.

Never mind… for now, I am back to school again. Just moved into my new apartment…

I still remember when I first came from India… I was at my uncle’s house at Texas for Christmas before I moved to Norman. He came to drop me with family. We entered the house and my housemate showed us the apartment and my room. We all saw it and sat in the living room for a while. None of us knew what to say to each other.

The apartment was nothing better than a shit hole… old, dirty, and very dim lit. (It wasn’t my roommate’s fault. I think it was because the people who stayed there signed the lease long time ago and then they just kept moving out and bringing new people in). And the girl whose room I was taking over didn’t clean after herself.

I definitely was under a shock and it took me some time to digest the fact that I will be staying there for the rest of the semester. Just after that I got up and started cleaning. Trashed all the old stuff, got the beds and furniture changed and set my stuff up. The room eventually became livable and I got used to it. And then I got a cool roommie to share the room with. Not bad!

At the end of the semester we moved to a new apartment, and then I moved again and again and again. Lifestyle also improved (way too much I think).

I took last semester off for internship. And the company made our stay arrangements in a hotel. Man! It was nice! By the end of the semester I was used to the comfortable bed, wooden floors, flat screen TV and housekeeping. Yes, totally spoilt!

And then I came back to school. The world truly goes round. And I found a place in the same campus and the very same apartment complex where I stayed when I first came to the states. On the way to Norman, my heart was crying that I will have to stay in the same old kind of apartment. I somehow made my mind (cz anyways I didn’t have any other option). And I knocked the door, my would-be roommie answered.

She showed me my room and gosh! To my surprise the house was pretty clean. I didn’t have to clean at all before unpacking. Very nice I thought. Now I have unpacked and kind of settled in. When I arrived I had absolutely nothing with me. No bed sheets, pillows or comforter to sleep in. no food. Absolutely nothing!

One kind friend agreed to take me shopping the very same day. And the best buy of the day was my bedding. It made my day. I usually prefer to buy bed-in-a-bag for my bed. But this store didn’t have much options… choose from boring maroon, navy blue or dark green… plaid, stripes or checks. No fun! All dull colors and designs.

My life is anyways pretty dull these days; I don’t want my room to look the same way. Actually I will be spending a lot of time in my room this semester so I wanted a nice looking room, comfortable and bright. Something that reflects positive vibes… hope happiness and fun.

So I decided to pick everything separately. And not go for the cheapest available stuff; but stuff that feels good. I ended up choosing an all black bed sheet and pillow covers for a dark base. A bright soft turquoise comforter. And threw a red velvet cushion to bring life to the whole set up. Good thing, my room has two windows this time…. So more light!

Now I just need a black rug, some cushions and a floor lamp, and my room will be perfect.

I am happy 🙂

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