Saddi dilli!!

My day at work started by reading a friend’s blog. And I was so surprised to see how much I can relate to it. She wrote it in a very nice way. So I blame this feeling of nostalgia on her!! I was writing a comment on her blog, and I figured that I have written such a long one that may be I should include it here in my blog. To read Payal’s blog click here.

I totally agree with what I read. Couldn’t have agreed more. Just after we leave the place where we grew up, we start looking at it in a different light. When i was in Delhi, I used to crib about the crowd and rush. And how everything is so noisy and busy. But now after moving to US, when I got a chance to stay in smaller cities, I realized… I freaking need to move back to a big city. The rush, noise, business is a part of my life. It flows in my body like blood (exaggeration). Back then; places like chandni chawk or our local bazar were way too low as per standards of my friends and me… I used to make sure I am not spotted there by anyone I know. I used to hate going to the local market to get household stuff… things that I thought my mom loved to do… shopping for spices, brooms and mops, getting her duppattas dyed, buying vegetables… Gosh! Ask me how much I used to hate it.

I was talking to my sister last night and she is in the same phase. Exactly same. She hates it all as well. I didn’t know what to tell her. How to make her feel better about the whole situation? And what timing… I read this blog today. I am going to make her read it too.

See how attached we get to the things we detest at one point of time. Just because it’s there. And now since I have been away for long. When I visit, I just love everything about it.. It’s so different and distinctive! The crowd is not a bunch of random people anymore; it’s more like a set of individuals with unique traits and interesting characteristics… the gullies, the shops, the architecture! It’s all so charming and enticing now… Now I know the worth of the title I was carrying around back in college ‘ms. dilli’ (of course it was just for fun, but now I love it) Why? I don’t know; and would never know.

All I know is that here when I talk about Delhi, I speak with pride and make it a point that world knows that there’s nothing like… SADDI DILLI 😉

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