Adventures of miss little Gini Part 3

Suggestion: Before you proceed, make sure you read Parts 1 and 2

Late in the night, I landed in Atlanta. Honestly, I was a little (just a little) nervous at that moment… more because my phone was dead.

Thank Karan that he booked a nice hotel for me and I had a place to stay in this new unexplored city. I took the shuttle and rode to the hotel. “Nice!” I said. And once I got to the hotel, my nervousness faded away. Completely. I was back to being myself, in fact better.

“Welcome to Marriott hotels Ms. Bhardwaj, hope you have a great night”

Ah! That felt so good… after a tiring journey, I finally had a relaxed night in the super comfi bed and nice smelling linens. No e-mail, no phone. I felt the peace that a person would feel only after he dies. Ah! So good…

Next day:

Good Mooooooooooooooorning Atlanta! Here I come…

Checked out of the hotel, took the train I had a blast in the city… country’s biggest aquarium, downtown Atlanta, Lenox mall, train station food court and for that matter, just the feel of an unknown city. I was overwhelmed.

My mind was over flowing with thoughts; memories, comparisons, nostalgia, excitement, plans, questions and what not. Besides battling with the millions and millions of thoughts running in and out of my mind, I spent the entire day, going around the town and striking mini-conversations with the strangers. I even got to play the guess-my-age game with a bunch of people on the way. Risky eh!

Finally I saw my dream of traveling alone, come true. Tourism, maps, trains, shopping, nice peaceful lunch, reading… Perfect!

Who wouldn’t look forward to such a Monday??

P.S. For pictures, check facebook.

Finally I took my flight back to Peoria. And my journey ended with a healthy conversation with an intelligent man from Accenture. I love interesting meaningful conversations. I couldn’t think of a better way to conclude this little adventure.

Finally at eleven at night, I was back home. Not tired at all… Just content and delighted! I did loose some time, money and my very faithful sweat jacket during this trip. But I still returned satisfied, with plans of my next vacation running through my head…
That’s how we are – me and my life – just completely unpredictable!

That night when I went to bed, all I could think of, was to thank god for such a wonderful time and making my life just the opposite of boring.

I love you god!

12 thoughts on “Adventures of miss little Gini Part 3

  1. ahem..u remind me of Madeline..u kno the tele series abt the little French girl at Miss Clavel’s boarding school in Paris. and all her lil adventures.,man.. we gotta meet soon enuf..hw long has it been..9-10..years!!

  2. yaar special adventure kahan tha ismeh? i mean, ek baar consultant ban gayee to aisi cheezein roz marra ki ho jaati hain…

  3. @swap: haha! i ve got that before 😛 actually from a friend named swapna. do you see a connection here ?? 😉and yes, thanks for reading through the long blogs 🙂@kapil: ALWAYS. as much as i love the trash talk 😛

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