Adventures of miss little Gini Part 2

Suggestion: Before you proceed, make sure you read Part 1

Saturday was fun! And very soon, it was Sunday afternoon, and that is time for me to leave. Beautiful day, and tired me. After the Friday incidence, I wanted to take control of my life and be a little organized. So I checked the flight status online and was happy to see it was on time. My friends dropped me off to the airport; we said good byes (bdw, that’s the part I hate the most in any holiday).

I got to the boarding gate, and was standing in the queue to get my seating arrangements taken care of. The screen there was showing weather and other stuff about the destination city, and I was trying to see if I should keep my jacket out or just pack it in the bag. And WHAT THE HELL was that! Did I just see that the flight was late? Never mind, it’s just forty-five minutes; I can still catch the connecting flight. I should just be a little more alert and active when I get down. Nothing to worry about.

DON”T TELL ME! An hour and a half delay? What? Now they say two hours? Two hours and thirty-five minutes? GOSH! Three? Is three final? Sigh! There is no way I can catch the connection. Just impossible!

“Ok Mr. Delta guy, when is the next flight?”
“We only have one flight per day”
“Are you kidding me? When is the next one? Where will I stay the night?”
“The next flight is at 8.35 pm tomorrow. And since the delay is due to weather conditions, we are unable to arrange accommodations for you”
“8.35 pm tomorrow? And what am I supposed to do till then? And wait, do you want me to sleep at the Atlanta airport?”
“Sorry for the inconvenience ma’am, but we don’t have anything else available for you”
“Thank you for your help, which was really not of any help to me. But I know you are doing your job” (Straight face and super sarcastic tone!)

So now what? Should I go back to New Jersey where I was staying? Or should I fly to Atlanta? Without much of brainstorming, I figured out that flying to Atlanta and staying there for the night would be a good idea. So three hours later than the scheduled time, I was in air, on my way to Atlanta.

To be continued…

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