On the way to work, my friends were talking about getting free breakfasts. Some of them always find free food after meetings, events etc. and I was wondering how come I never found any free food? I know I am not that non-vigilant. So how come I never found any food? Hmmm.. I said. And confessed in front of them that I have never been able to get any kind of free food from the office, unless it was for everybody.

And I walk into the building café to get breakfast. My all time favorite: whole-wheat bagel, low fat cream cheese and starbucks regular coffee with irish cream. And then I walked to the counter to pay for it. And my head was thinking… 5 dollars again. Sigh! Especially for some one who didn’t get paid this time.

So here I arrive at the counter and open my mouth to tell what I am having today, and before I could say anything, the lady says “He gotcha!” and points towards a guy out in the hallway. “What??” I said. “He paid for your breakfast”. No wait, I understand that. My ‘what’ was because I don’t even know him. But never mind, I think it was smooth. And I admire polished, smooth men (knowing that there are just a few of them left on earth, rest are just too busy playing Mr. Cool).

I walked out with the free breakfast, feeling kinda obligated to talk to him. So here I go… “Thanks for the breakfast”… and a little conversation for about half a minute or so. But, no introduction, no names exchanged.

And I come to my cubicle wondering, what exactly was it supposed to mean? Did he want to strike a conversation, or was he hitting on me? Well, I chose the easy way out-ask a friend!

Sowmyatta: BDW, i have a question about guys
Sowmyatta: if you don’t know some one and he buys you breakfast, without you knowing it… what does it mean? i think it means he wants to initiate a conversation… right or wrong?
Alexander: he’s interested
Sowmyatta: to talk?
Alexander: haha
Alexander: he’s interested in talking and probably likes you
Sowmyatta: hmmm
Sowmyatta: ok
Sowmyatta: but is it a subtle way to approach?
Alexander: not really
Sowmyatta: then?
Alexander: i guess it’s a subtle move
Alexander: a lil bold, but it’s definitely a way of trying to get your attention 🙂
Sowmyatta: hmmmm
Alexander: somebody has a crush on you!!!
Sowmyatta: haha, I don’t think so

So huh, really? Well doesn’t matter. I don’t even know if we will meet ever again. And I am not acting naive either. Just want to hear it from the horse’s mouth. (P.S. Alex, I am not calling you a horse here!).
The reason why I am writing this is not because I want to tell the world about the guy. Or want to show off or something…. There are two main points I want to make:

1. Watch your words when you talk! Refer to the first paragraph for details.

2. Confidence and subtlety gets noticed for good. Point to be noted, for both girls and boys. (Is it the pre-effect of the Business etiquette lunch I am about to go to today? haha)

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