War between languages!

The Republic of India, Federal republic Parliamentary democracy, with a population of 1,132,446,000, and official languages of Hindi and English. Most people in this country speak Hindi; it’s a declared official language along with English.

British brought English with them. They left the country in 1947, but I think they forgot to take their language with them. We owe them for this! Really! After all, India’s large English speaking population is what’s bringing more global business to the country. On a more personal ground, I feel that it’s easier (at least for me) to communicate my thoughts in English than in Hindi. I can say anything deep, meaningful and convoluted in English without making it sound too dramatic or tacky. Several examples exist. Imagine an evening when the guy drops his girlfriend back home after a date. While bidding good bye, he says ‘I love you sweet heart. Have a good night.’ Sounds normal right? Well let’s try this in Hindi now… Translation in simple day-to-day use Hindi would be ‘Jaanu, main tumse bahut pyar karta hu. Asha karta hu ki tumhari raat achchi beete’ Damn!! What a turn off! That was one. Now I don’t even want to go into translations of the curse words.

But I am sure it’s not the case for all. Some might feel more comfortable speaking in Hindi. Girls… How many times have you heard ‘I wanna friendship (read as phrandsip) with you’ or ‘I doesn’t goes there’. Ridiculous! But what I don’t understand is, why do these dudes even use English at all? Proposing a girl for friendship or whatever, is definitely not the best time to practice/improve your English speaking skills. Especially when you are talking to an Indian girl, who surely speaks Hindi (or at least one the regional language). Clearly, they are trying to play ‘cool dudes’.

So here is my point… Why a ‘cool dude’ talks only in English? Is speaking in Hindi that un-cool in a country called Hindustan? Strange!

It is becoming a social norm slowly. Go to any big city, and you will hear the youngsters talking, walking and mocking the language. It sure is cooler, but that still doesn’t make Hindi un-cool. In spite of being the official language, Hindi is not that well accepted by the so-called-sophisticated society. Just a few minutes ago, I was ridiculed for the reason that I studied in a school where the medium of instruction was Hindi. Hell no! All my courses (Mathematics, Science, Reading, and of course English) were taught in English. Only social studies were in Hindi. Which actually made me pretty proficient in the language. I read some famous Hindi literature also. It gave me an insight to a different perceptive. I am sure the Indian youth is missing out on this kind of literary work. But when I moved to a different school after 8th grade it was taught in English. But wait a minute, Hindi or English, how does that matter? Is that a reason to laugh at some one? Did it make a difference in what kind of person I am? Or how I talk? Or how I think? Well I don’t think it did, except it exposed me to a native world which is hidden from a lot of my fellows.

So instead of feeling low about being laughed at, I feel proud of myself. And like myself even more J By this post, all I want to convey to the readers is that don’t let English over shadow our own language, Hindi. You might feel more comfortable speaking in one or the other language, but please don’t disrespect the language, don’t type cast it. Next time when you talk to me, I might not speak a single Hindi word, but always know that I love the language!!

3 thoughts on “War between languages!

  1. 1. That’s my whole point… Hindi is as good as (or could be even better) than any other language. It’s just the matter of personal comfort.2. ‘Cool dudes’ don’t necessarily speak English all the time. That’s what I mentioned in the blog too. And guys should rather not comment on how girls talk about guys lol They have no idea!!So technically we are both saying the same thing. 🙂

  2. Woah woah – take a break lady. Hindi might sound boring in your example coz you’re trying to paraphrase what is commonly said in the western world (and the example of dating and dropping girls back home, saying I love you etc is by definition a VERY western concept). However, if you think of some instances which are unique to our culture, then the language has perfectly developed for usage there. I agree that people should not think in one and speak in another language, but hey, that’s how you girls get to talk about those ‘cool dudes’, eh?

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