New York, New York!

New York City is one of the most mesmeric cities in the world. Every metro bred’s dream city, New York, is a blend of the most contemporary and the historic. This deadly combination adds charm to the already-so-charming city. While walking through the crowded streets here, you will witness the most modern form of architecture and living. Roads are occupied by swamps of people rushing to their destinations, bright yellow cabs and they are surrounded by tall sky scrapers representing the new age. Be it the ride in the open bus; travel in a subway, view from atop the empire state, eating in an ethnic restaurant, shopping in a fashion store, morning by the statue of liberty or evening at time square… everything about this city is enticing.

The diversity that it has to offer to visitors is just wonderful. I mentioned the old-new contrast of the city, but didn’t put light on various other aspects. It happens to be the economic capital of the United States of America. For people like me, who love money in various forms, get a high by merely strolling at the Wall Street. Viewing the National Stock Exchange was like a shot of vodka for me 😛 The ground zero, was another cite that touched my heart. No one can feel the real intensity of the 9/11 event until they visit this. The ground is still being cleared. It’s like a hollow in a prospering, vertically growing borough.

Talking about New York City, and not talking about food? Unfair!! The city houses thousands of restaurants. I heard from someone that if you stay in NYC and eat at a different restaurant each day, it will take you 37 years to try all of them out. It has eating places ranging from a road side vendor to 7 stars. Millions of options, thousands of places, hundreds of cuisines… Some places are frequently visited by celebrities. NYC is also an artist’s paradise. It has numerous art galleries, museums, and theaters. If you are a fashion fanatic, you need to come to NYC several times in your life. This city has an unmatchable style statement in every facet. Truly, even the night life livers and the party animals would love it too. There is no single minute when this place goes dead. It has something for everyone.

My trip was a short trip on the 4th of July weekend. Two days are not even enough to even scratch the land. Technically I couldn’t see much of it, only visited the major attractions. But I am glad I got the chance to get on top of Empire state building to see the city, a glance. It has a romance attached to it. I am already in love with the place. It seems like it’s calling me back. I must visit again, and for a longer duration.

The more I try to describe this place, the less it seems to me. My attempt to describe it in words would be injustice to the profundity of this divine place. So my recommendation: Do go visit! Feel it! And I assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

TIP FOR TRAVELERS: Don’t step out in your sexy heels or cute flip flops, Sneakers or Tennis Shoes would be the best bet! I decided to wear my new flip flops thinking it would be comfortable. But trust me it was not a good decision, cz as a result I got a severe foot ache and back ache.

3 thoughts on “New York, New York!

  1. It is a big city – granted – but I will wait to listen more about the comparisons once you’ve seen Chicago or San Francisco.

  2. WOW!!!!!!!! newyork…….. amazing city nd what an amazing didcription di…… guess two things that r common btw us(maybe that’s smthing that we have common with every other gal:P) is that we both love money in all its forms nd yeah fasion franatics….. i don’t knw weather i was a one in the school or even the first yr of my college bt at the moment i just freak out while i’m shoping so guess i have to visit NYC sometimeSeems like a dream city to me having everything fr everyone……. guess it’ll be one of the dreams come true to stand in front of statue of liberty or get a cty view frm the Empire state

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