The Scooter Quiz!

Waah Suneel Babu, naya scooter? Let’s see if you can ride it the Indian way…

I came across this interesting article about traffic in India. We Indians of course know how good or bad it is. So, think you can ride a scooter like an Indian? Take this simple test and find out!

1. If you were an Indian and you drove a scooter to work, where would you park it?

(a) In the parking lot

(b) In the most inconvenient place you could find to create an impediment for pedestrians

(c) In your office

2. If you were an Indian and you bought a new scooter and your friend asked you about the size of the bike, “size” in this instance refers to?

(a) The power of the engine

(b) How many people can fit on it

3. If you were an Indian riding your scooter in peak hour, what part of the road would you most likely need to ride on?

(a) The footpath

(b) The side of the road with the oncoming traffic

4. If you were an Indian riding your scooter into the oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road and someone in a 4WD who formed part of the oncoming traffic beeped at you to get out of the way, would you?

(a) Move as quickly as possible to avoid injury or death

(b) Give them a baffled look

(c) Curse them

5. If you were an Indian riding your scooter and you encountered a red traffic light, would you?

(a) Stop and wait for it to turn green

(b) Ignore it – traffic lights disturb the ride, they are for suckers and foreigners

6. If rest of the traffic is stopping at the signal, and you have no choice but to stop, what will you do?

(a) Stop behind the last vehicle at the signal

(b) Honk at the vehicles stopped for the signal, what fools

(c) Stay calm, and implement your balancing skills to make way though the rest of the traffic and reach the front of the traffic so that you can zoom-vroom when its green

7. If you were an Indian and you had precious cargo on your scooter, like say, your entire family, helmets would be worn:

(a) Always

(b) Never, you can fit more people on the bike that way

8. If you are an Indian driving a scooter, what will you do when you see pedestrians on the road?

(a) Wait for them to cross the road

(b) Give them a stare, honk at them and keep going-after all you are the one who has THE scooter.

9. If you are an Indian, what will you do while changing lanes?

(a) Indicate and change lanes swiftly without disturbing traffic

(b) Indicate? What’s that? Just drive where ever there is empty space on the road. I am the king on the road

10. On a right or left turn, what will you do?

(a) Stop, indicate and wait for it to be cleared, and then go

(b) If you stop once, you will have to stop for an hour. Go make your own way!


1 (b); 2 (b); 3 (a) and (b); 4 (b) and (c); 5 (b); 6 (b) or (c); 7 (b); 8 (b); 9 (b); 10 (b)

If your answers match, CONGRATULATIONS!! You are eligible to take your scooter on the road. If the answers don’t match, go ahead anyway. You can always bribe the cop. Please note, be a good citizen. If you love your family, take care of your own life!!

(Disclaimer: This is only a fun quiz! No offense to the country or the country men)

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