From Cheap T-shirts to Laptops

“China has replaced the U.S. as the world’s top tech exporter”

China is no longer a manufacturer and exporter just for cheap clothes and plastic goods. It’s on a stride to beat the world in the field of technology. A major exporter of communication technology goods, China has already taken over the U.S. Telephones, laptops, FPGA’s, music systems, televisions etc are some areas where China is constantly progressing. Not too long ago, she was a home for US based technology manufacturers. But now it’s taking charge and manufacturing indigenous technologies.

Is this a wakeup call for the rest of the world? Let’s discuss this… China has outnumbered the US figures for technology ‘export’. But most of the Chinese tech equipments are made up of foreign parts/components. What sells in the business of technology is not assembly but innovation. Clearly Chinese know this, so they must be planning to get inventive soon. This country is not just busy making business and getting its foot strong in the market, but is also making substantial changes in its roots. Changing the educational system, upgrading the technical education institutes are just a couple of them. The business deals with foreign investors have underlying motives too. Chinese prefer industries which are ready to invest in the home-grown technologies. Just like Japan surpassed the overseas tech investors, china plans to develop its own products and kill the foreign based monopolies.

Is this smart strategy a threat to the rest of the technology exporters? I am sure; US must be taking this issue very seriously. So should India, not because it’s a major tech exporter, but because it has a great potential to be one easily. It’s time for US to stop taking its lead for granted. And India? We need to be more open for changes. There is a dire need for us to solidify the educational base in the country; not only engineering but also global trade and business. We also need to encourage foreign workers and students. And this is not to fill in the NRI quota and make money, but to invite brains to our country. Before we invite others, we first need to stop our own going abroad for ever. We need to upgrade the technology and business education, the salaries, the work places, laboratories, and research centers.

All the major technology masters have their businesses in India. Why don’t we make use of that? Why are most Indians followers and not creators? if we can learn from leaders like the US of A and learners like China, no one can stop us to climb the ladder of success. In spite of the top down hierarchical structure of the Confucian culture and Communist society which discourages innovation, Chinese are on the move of success. In contrast, India’s democratic freedom and abundance of skilled work force, provides her with all the favorable opportunities to grow and prosper. We as a free society, far more global in reach and language, have all the capabilities to face any competition. All that’s need to be done is to make best use of the available resources, both material and human.

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