For the families…

We are born; we live our initial lives with family and learn so many things. Our family shapes our personalities and makes us what we are today. Then we grow up and learn to live life our own way. But is ‘our own way’ really our own? Is it not what we learnt as a kid; observing our parents, grandparents, siblings teachers and friends? Are we what we are because of how god has made us; or how we have been brought up by our mothers and fathers?

I agree, sometimes it’s not just our upbringing that matters, definitely there are other reasons; but no matter what, family is THE reason. But now, the families are taking a different form; Working mothers, working fathers, and busy children. Now the question is “Is this how it is supposed to be”? With increasing work load, deadlines to be met, stressful Monday mornings, busy weekdays, we have time for everything else… You know, socializing, outings, partying, friends, formalities, the only thing that suffers is our own family.

One thought on “For the families…

  1. Yes very true thats what happening these days even busy childerens dont care about their parents or family so as vice versa.

    And as Chetan Bhagat says what we really need is a balanced sucessful life. Balanced means ensuring your health, relationships, mental peace are all in good order then only we can build a happy family…

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