Know me well?

Yes, I love myself. Not many people would feel the same for me. But the ones who don’t, they are not worth caring about. I love my friends to read and acknowledge what I write.

The last thing I am is a cliché. Usually people are as they do; but I am as I write. And that’s because it’s too hard to decipher my actions. Actions too complicated; thoughts way too complex!

Even though I love simplicity in anything and everything, I have my own intricate issues. For people who don’t know me well, I’m pretty much a very tough shell to crack. I am pretty positive about everything to do with me, and overtly realistic when it comes to everyone else.

Small and unusually insignificant actions make me happy. And they also hurt me, upset me, or annoy me. I might be full of complaints, but one thing for sure, I never hold grudges. But it doesn’t mean I am forgiving; I just don’t care after a while. All I know is that my attitude is right, if you have problems, change yours and only then can you like me.

Blatant predictability bores me to death. If you’re not random enough, then I won’t like you for long. I do get attached to things and that to very strongly; just a bit too temporarily. I might get a little annoying or/and annoyed often. But don’t you worry, it’s just temporary.

Pretence is something I detest, it makes a somewhat uncomfortable. I hate being put on hold. And I love having my way. My ways can be adjustable, but only diplomatically. A plain NO is what makes me hell furious. If you want it your way, you should be extremely good at playing with words. People who barely talk, end up confusing me. With them I eventually will resort to escapism.

The biggest mistake of your life would be to expect knowing me all. There’s a lot about me I don’t know myself. I discover something new about myself every single day. And I have a lot more to learn.

P.S. in above lines, the most used words are: I and me

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