Those were the days…

Those were the days. I miss them and I want to re-live them!! God, are you listening to me??

* Going swimming even before it gets bright in the morning, coming back and cycling

* Spending everyday of the summer vacation with the same friend, talking, playing scrabble and killing time till eternity

* Walking 3 kilometers to escape from college

* Sitting on the scooter with my friend knowing that neither of us know how to drive it

* Having someone wait in the mall while I stand in sun for long with my best friend and watch
the mechanic fix the scooter

* Going to sec-18 w/o telling the warden, and sitting outside the hostel building and waiting to see the response to the apology letter; only to see it coming all torn

* Going just for a crazy drive after dinner each night to have dessert

* Being all ready to sit on a screwed up kinetic honda on a Delhi main road knowing that if it
stops some where we won’t be able to start it again

* Having someone knock my door at 3 in the night when it’s raining like hell and go out just to have a coffee

* Believing someone saying that “Fried Ice Cream” tastes good

* Sitting in the sun for a protest and text messaging; crossing the mark of 100 in a few hours

* Going to Lucknow for a reason and then ending up in Haridwar

* Freaking out all night long and ending up in a five star in night suit

* Having the CCD guys tell us to leave cz they wanted to close for the day

* Traveling entire “New Delhi” just to catch the show of DHOOM 2

* Not knowing how to ride the scooter but going to India Gate to have desi-chat and buy
balloons. Then coming back and forgetting the way; getting stuck in the traffic

* Going for all the morning shows at PVR

* Getting locked outside my own house at 1 in the night and borrowing cell phone from a random labor guy to call for help

* Studying just at the eleventh hour and crack the exams

* The “Oh-yeah-whatever” attitude

* Sitting on wooden planks rested on inverted pots (so called canteen), only to have bread pakoras and get sun burnt

* Hating people, being a brat, throwing attitude, not caring about anything

* Buying stuff from the back door of closed canteen

* Getting all broke and having cheap meals at “Reena’s Restaurant”

* Enjoying going for the job interviews not for jobs but to hang out with friends.

* Getting threats from the college authorities to be thrown out of the hostel

* Coming back from CP late in the night, confusing the auto-rickshaw driver and ending up in

* Being single and blowing 4000 bucks on phone bill

* Betting on chess games at Barista

* Waking up in the middle of the night and going out to hunt for my favorite flavored ice cream

4 thoughts on “Those were the days…

  1. u toh are a “ROCKSTAR” yaar……… i mean i’v had my freakey days too many infact if i count…… even have the “oh-yeah-whatever” attitude with me bt just tell me how u blow 4000 even when u’r single mind blowing yaari don’t even blow that much(nt even half of that) nw that i’m nt single anymore…..lolzzzzz 😛

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