All I Want is Everything!!

Hey people,

If you have read my previous post, I mentioned that I was trying to know myself better. Remember? Yeah, well, there is more to say on that. No no.. I don’t meditate for that. Just think and try to analyze stuff. I don’t know what I am looking for; or what am I trying to know. All I know is that There is something hidden that needs to be unmasked!

Who doesn’t want happiness, succes, good luck in life? But not everyone is able to find ’em. WHY?? I think thats because its about not what you want, its about how badly you want it!

Ahm!! I don’t know what direction am I heading towards, all I know is that there is alot that I want to write but I am going completely haphazard!! I have never been so vague and un understandable. And you know, I hate being like this. I think I have worsen myself over the last few years. I miss my good self. Those innocent thoughts, those simple ways of living, those selfless emotions, those clear thoughts, those undiplomatic interactions, those blunt talks. Gosh! How I badly i miss them. Is it normal? Or is it that I am not able to cope up with the changing times?
Loosing innocence is an issue of great importance to me. But tell me, how many of us take things so seriously? And, should we be doing this?
Leaving this one with a question for you all to answer….

2 thoughts on “All I Want is Everything!!

  1. Hi,

    after reading your blog ,one thing i can surely say that though, you are very beautiful as a girl but you are far more (than more ****)beautiful as a person>>>>…..

    Keep exploring yourself ,this makes your life meaningful !!!! and in addition to the above, your blogs remind me myself anywhere*****

    Thanks,for awakening my heart in this Machanical world for a while *younh hi chalte chalte*….

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